our mission

we care about your target achievement and success by enhancing your strategy and bringing more awareness to your achievements, roles and your health.

we elaborate sustainable solutions for you and your unique way of living without any limitations of culture, belief or monetary aspects.

we live honesty, simplicity and transparency and help you to access your desired targets by strategic enhancement and success management.

you, your business partners and your social environment will notice a very positive change in you, but we are absolutely invisible to others - except for you.

target achievement, strategy enhancement, success management: we act as your individual shadow

we are invisible to others but the most professional partner for you, enhancing your life

honesty, simplicity, transparency: 
it will not take much more to (over-) fulfill your targets

we are in2ition.de

we are Jasmin Richter and Karl-Heinz Richter and we are in2ition.de

our long years of experience in the IT- and management-sector makes us experts in terms of process and project management, natural leadership and authority, integrity, strategy enhancement, target achievement, self-development and sustainable success management - mostly, but not only for people in the IT-sector. 

we are your personalized shadow, assuring your career advancement and life enhancement.